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Niemeyer Centre Aviles


Niemeyer Centre

Aviles has an amazing new addition. The Niemeyer Centre, sitting in the docks adjacent to the oldest part of the city and looking like an elegant space station or Moonbase Alpha. This astonishing new cultural centre is a vision of 'modern'  architecture amidst the characterful and charming part of the great city of Aviles. Completed just a couple of months ago and now starting operations. The people and organisations involved in the venture read like a who's who of Art, Music Film and Theatre. This great looking and unique place will hopefully bring many new visitors to Aviles and the region.

This passage from the Guardian Newspaper early July provides a flavour. A link to the full article is found below.

"Avilés is a revelation wrapped up in a surprise. The northern Spanish region of Asturias, under the radar for far too long, is finally taking its rightful place in British hearts thanks to its unspoiled beaches, its mountain landscapes, its gastronomy and idiosyncratic local culture. Oviedo is posh and pulchritudinous, Gijón a rough-and-tumble harbour town. Until quite recently, Avilés had seemed the post-industrial Cinderella of the three. Yet, thanks in large measure to a futuristic new cultural centre designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, things are picking up"

Link to full article



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