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The pueblo of Espinaredo or Espinerau is situated around 6 km from Infiesto town on the Rio Espinaredo. It is an utterly charming Northern Spanish villages and occupies a position of stunning natural beauty nestling in foothills of the Pico's. Should you need an example of Asturias's magic you will undoubtedly find it here. The approach form Infiesto is wonderful, the 6 km road twists and turns mainly alongside the river ,through rolling fields against a backdrop of wooded hills. Occasionally revealing small villages tucked high up above the road. Lozana, Pintueles, and several more catch your eye as you make your way to Espinaredo.


Riofobar and Pasanca

Espinaredo is about six kilometers from Infiesto. The drive is one of my favourite trips despite that fact I have done it hundreds and hundreds of times. The road hugs the river for much of the time as it snakes in and out of the hills offering amazing views of the mountains and countryside. Beyond Espinaredo the road continues a few more kilometers still hugging the river until it reaches the delightful village of Riofobar. For those with strong nerves and stronger suspension. the now narrowing road goes through the village and becomes a single track, much of which  is collapsing, you can continue to drive another 2 or 3 kilometers but be warned there are very few passing places which may mean, reversing along a collapsing track fifty or so feet above a river for a few hundred meters! At last you will reach Pesanca, a local beauty spot with walks, waterfalls, swimming holes, picnic spots and barbecue's. A delightful place to spends time and much loved by the local people... I would personally consider parking at Riofobar and walking or buying a bike!


The Village

The villagers are friendly people, who work extremely hard to sustain a living from the land. Make no mistake this is not a theme park rural experience, this is the real deal. There is a great bar, Maizon Vizcares which serves beautifully prepared fresh country food with a 3 course ‘Menu del Dia’ at around 10.00 Euro including wine. This might include something like Fabada or Potes Asturiana, Paella, Wild boar, Baked Fish or Roasted Cordero followed by homemade rice pudding or flan.



The village is perfectly placed for walking, riding. fishing and hiking. For those of a more creative nature this is wonderful place to take photographs, draw or paint. Possibly writing poetry and without question drinking beer sitting outside the bar overlooking the square and watching the world and the river go by...


Rio Espinaredo

I am no Angler,  but even I can see that the River Espinaredo provides some brilliant fishing opportunities set against an unbeatable backdrop of scenery. I understand that the river is very good for trout and know of several keen fly fishermen who have enjoyed excellent days on the river. I also understand that the cost of this great fishing is very low and that one licence obtained from the Ayuntamiento will cover a lot of different zones for the same fee! However, you should be warned that the fishing in Asturias is administered by the Guardia Civil and it is not recommended that you mess with them! So ensure you have the right paperwork and instructions. Further up toward Pesanca the Rivers name is changed to Rio Infierno which roughly translates to Hell River!  


Horreos and woodsmoke

There can be few more agreeable experiences on an autumnal evening than that of walking through the houses and horreos (grain stores) of Espinaredo, the wood smoke curling from the chimneys against the fields and the sky, as you make your way to Maison Vizcares for a well deserved beer!