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VisitAsturias.co.uk gets a lot of traffic. My site has now been in existence for over 5 years and  gets 100s of visitors from all over the world. I have never used the site for commercial purposes and still intend for it to be a highly informative and honest place for people to get practical information about the region. I have had a number of requests about buying or renting houses in the region so if you have a property  you are interested in featuring on these pages I will be pleased to discuss it. Either to rent or sell. Please contact me at philg@visitasturias.co.uk. 


This Traditional Farmhouse with attached barn in Villaviciosa Asturias was sold to a buyer generated through the Visitasturias website. If you have a property you want to sell and would like it featured on these pages I will happily do this by arrangement. Simply email philg@visitasturias.co.uk to discuss.