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Buying our house.


Our house in Asturias

In 2005 on a wing and a prayer we set about buying a house in Asturias. We had only known of the region for a year or two, had no intention of buying a house and no money to do so,  a not very promising start! However, both Jacqui, my wife and I fell under the spell of the place and it had to be done. So, following a few significant wake up calls relating to cost of roofs, rebuilding and stuff in general, we were fortunate to find our house in a Pueblo called Rozapanera, above the delightful village of Espinaredo about 6 Km from Infiesto in the province of Pilona. Seven years on the love affair continues. It is a privilae to be able to spend time here, My family are still as captivated by Asturias as we were on the first day we experienced its unique charm.

There are many excellent opportunites to buy a property here. This is not the same nightmare that is happening further south and whilst the region is undoubtedly suffering from the financial situation which grips most of the planet at the moment, it is still a haven of peace and simplicity for all those who seek it.

I have great experience now of property, regions, prices and prospects throughtout Eastern Asturias particularly. I also have great contacts and can provide help and advice on all aspects of looking for and buying a property in the region. Should you wish to find out more please contact me on


Palace, Ruin, Country, Mountain, Coast or City. There are many choices to be made and plenty of them. It is a fact of life that many villages are almost empty as younger people understandably choose a less back breaking way of life than working the land  and opt for the town.

The Buying Process