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Asturias Country

nikon August 2010 154.JPG

Asturias is beautiful, so are lots of other places. One factor which makes this place so special is how compact it is. Wonderful coastlines, miles of sandy beaches, green and tranquil countryside dotted with farms, hedgerows and tiny villages tucked into the valleys, framed by magnificent mountains looming out of the mist like the scenery from Lord of the Rings. In Asturias everything is so close together, you have to experience it to believe it, but this is a place where you literally could: ski in the morning, beach in the afternoon and dine in the city in the evening without too much trouble ( if you had the energy and not much time...? )


The countryside between Villaviciosa and Pilona  is probably best describes as bucolic or pastoral. Each time I observe the view when returning to Villa from Rodilles beach I feel it should be accompanied by music from Vaughan Williams or Sibelius. These pictures also show some of the countryside above Espinaredo heading towards Riofobar as well as a view down on our nearest town, the excellent and charming Infiesto which is the district in which you can find Rozapanera where we have the privilege of owning a house.  


There is great diversity in the landscape from region to region.The rolling hills and fields of the Villaviciosa province with its many apple orchards and cider producers, gives way to a more rugged and dramatic landscape as you head through Pilona. As you start to approach Cangas de Onis this in turn becomes more stark as the rivers cut their way through the rocks and a more vertical quality starts to creep in as you are now well and truly at the start of the Picos. Keep heading towards Cova Donga and the granite walls to either side of the road grow steeper with every kilometer until you hit the mountain pass which will take you up past Cova Donga  to the lakes.