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Asturias Country


'Green Spain'

Since first visiting Asturias, back in 2005, and certainly after buying the house a little later, I have been continually surprised that the level of awareness about this region is still so low. Not only in the UK but pretty much everywhere else outside of Spain. It is true that those in charge of marketing the charms of the principality seemed to run out of steam. It is also true that only one Airline from the UK serve Asturias (until very recently that is) and the flight timetable always seems to be absurdly early and from Stansted, so a bit of a challenge. Becoming more so in the winter time when it drops to only four or five flights a week. It is also true that unlike its more Southern neighbouring territories English is not a common language and a bit of basic Spanish will make life a great deal easier for the traveller. It is a fact that Asturias does not have wall to wall sunshine, it has seasons which include rain, wind snow and pretty much anything else you can think of meteorologically. However, Asturias is also stunningly beautiful, diverse, full of character and authenticity and provides spectacular opportunities for so many activities in a relatively compact area. Unrivalled walks through magnificent mountains, pristine coastline with world class surfing beaches alongside perfect little coves and fishing villages. Countryside of such charm and beauty you often feel you have become part of a painting. Three elegant cities all very different but all within 30 minutes of each other. The food, the atmosphere, the people, the air, the roads, the scenery. Seriously, Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria  need to be experienced or you can't say you really know Spain.

This site is designed to provide a bit of help in getting you on your way to the 'natural paradise' to experience it for yourself.    


Picos de Europa Covadonga