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Asturias Cities


Remarkably, for such a small province renowned for its nature and countryside, Asturias has three, vibrant and exciting cities. Even more remarkable is that these three cities are within 30 minutes travel time of one another and yet totally different in character and atmosphere. Aviles, Oviedo and Gijon create a sort of triangle in towards the top and middle of the region. Aviles is furthest West on the coast and closest to Asturias airport (about 15 minutes). Oviedo the Capital  is inland a bit  and about 35 minutes from the airport. Gijon further East again on the coast and about 50 minutes from the airport. Each of these remarkable cities have many great features and an absolutely distinct character. Whilst we have spent time in all three I certainly do not have the low-down on very much at all of what can be found there. I can share some pointers and one particular story about Oviedo which set the whole Asturias journey in motion for Jacqui and I. You really should visit them all at your leisure and enjoy the great things they each have to offer.



Oviedo, the capital of Asturias has the assured air of a sophisticated cosmopolitan city. Elegant shops, pavement cafes, an abundance of excellent restaurants to suit most pockets. Yet, it is much more than this, Oviedo was once the capital of Christian Spain and can trace its history back to 757. It has a superb cathedral and a university which is round about 400 years old. In the centre of the city is the Campo de San Francisco. A delightful and atmospheric city park often full of contented people enjoying Chocolate and Churros! Our Oviedo Story



We must have driven past Aviles dozens of times on our way from Asturias airport to our house without ever venturing into the city. Well actually we did try to venture into the city on one or two occasions but got so lost we gave up trying to find the 'middle' of Aviles for quite a few years until one day we did, and since then Aviles remains my favourite of the three great cities of Asturias. True, its a bit grimy, it is still very much a coal mining and energy town with lots of 'dark satanic mills' and chimneys with hige flames coming out but that just adds to the brilliant atmosphere of this great town. The old town with its narrow streets and multitude of bars and places to eat is fantastic. Love it or loath it you cant ignore the Niemayer centre in the old port. Click for Aviles

gijon view.jpg


Gijon is the largest city in Asturias and contains the impressive San Lorenzo Playa, a seemingly endless strip of sand which curves around the coast of Gijon and provides an excellent promenade and hugely popular beach in the summer months. Other reasons for visiting this vibrant city are the Port, and Marina along with Gardens of Náutico, Gardens of Begoña, Gardens of Reina  Shopping in Calle Corrida, Cafés and Siderias (Bars) of Paseo Begoña, Jovellanos Theatre and the Acuario of Gijon (Aquarium)