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Asturias Coast


Coast and Beaches

If it were just about coastline and beaches, Asturias would be an exceptional location, on the Northern coast of Spain and the Bay of Biscay. Here, you may encounter the Atlantic in very different ways: from secluded, hard to reach little coves to vast expanses of sandy beach often pounded by amazing waves providing great surfing, surf canoe and boogie boarding opportunities. You may walk the miles of coastal pathways, or drop down to the fishing villages with their tempting array of restaurants and bars. You can spend time just chilling on the sand or exploring the networks of caves and inlets along the Jurassic coast including of course, the impressive and extraordinary dinosaur footprints at the back of Playa la Griega, Colunga. Boats can be chartered, Kayaks rented by the hour, every opportunity for you to engage with the sea is available along the 145 Km coastline.        



The coastline of Asturias is all part of the Bay of Biscay which produces some of the most amazing surf you will find anywhere in Europe. Quite a number of beaches have surf schools and some are more suitable for beginners than others, depending of course on weather and tide etc. Whilst for example Vega beach near Ribadesella can produce the most awesome surf, with waves that would send most beginners back to shore pretty quick, at the right time it is absolutely perfect for starting out. I watched a group of newbies go from zero to standing and surfing waves up the beach in less than two hours one afternoon, brilliant! Of course there is board and wet suit hire on Vega too and has always had a 'surfer' vibe. This is partly due to the camping and camper site directly at the back of the beach and the more isolated feel to the place. It is a really special place, with some great places to eat and a decent public shower block.  


Surf Canoe

Of course it is not just about surfing is it? There is of course, almost wearing a tiny boat and sealing yourself in. Then paddling out into waves that will now appear about 12 feet  high as you are almost underwater, and then trying to 1. Paddle up the front of them 2. Ride along on top of them 3. Not drown! This looks amazing and very very hard. At one end of the huge sweep of sand that is San Lorenzo Beach in Gijon I once witnessed 20-30 of these out at once in really serious surf. It was spectacular to watch and made more engaging by the thought I would never have to do it! San Lorenzo, it is said in summer can be the busiest beach anywhere in Spain, having seen it in August I am quite prepared to believe this. The rest of the year, fantastic.   


AsturPlaya Site and App.

Here is a link to an excellent site and iPhone app dedicated to the wonderful beaches to be found in Asturias. It provides information about the type of beach,  where they can be found and accessibility. All on your phone! A great idea if you are travelling around, looking for the ultimate waves to surf,  or looking for the right place to take the family. It can all be found right here. 


Sea Horse.

Then of course you may want to depart the sea altogether and whilst this chap would find this difficult in the middle of summer, the rest of the year I doubt he would get much objection from the handful of fellow beach users he might encounter on his canter, This is on Ribadesella beach, in September. I don't ride horses myself, but it made me want to! Ribadesella is an incredibly popular place for Spanish people to take their summer holidays. It is a very beautiful place but gets extremely busy in the summer. It is also the end point for the Descenso de Sella, the totally bonkers canoe race which takes place in August and seems to involve pretty much every canoe in the world? 


Beaches in Winter?

The Beaches in winter can be very special. This is the very popular and often busy beach of La Griega in Colunga , just along from the dinosaur footprints... This is in January, a beautiful warm and pleasant day for a walk by the sea. Because the temperature in Asturias can be so mild in the winter the beaches and coastline can be an absolute delight for walks and even picnics as long as you prepare for the possibility of a change in the weather.